Measuring psychological safety

Psychological safety is just about the most important thing there is in a team. Research at Google shows that this factor contributes the most to the performance of a team. Read below what exactly psychological safety is, or create your own questionnaire right away and measure the psychological safety of your team.

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What is psychological safety?

You probably recognize it: you work with or in a team where stuff is going on under the surface. You immediately feel tension, a pink elephant in the room. But nobody dares to say anything. People do not address each other. Own opinions are left out and team members react defensively. Sometimes it is a bit more difficult to recognize. For example, when everything seems to be okay, but people are talking behind each other's backs. The harmonious team that does not dare to take risks. In these cases there is no psychological safety. Team members are engaged in self-preservation and the team is not going to fly. It is therefore very important that there is a high psychological safety in your team!

Scientifically validated

Our tool is based on the questionnaire developed by Harvard professor Amy Edmondson - scientifically sound! With our tool you quickly measure how your team assesses its social climate. Seven questions provide an overall picture of psychological safety in the team. Enter your team name and email address above and you will receive a link to the questionnaire. This link is especially for your team. Expose the psychological safety of your team and take steps to improve it.

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